Mr. and Mrs. Chen in front of fabric dispaly at Pearl River Mart

Pearl River Mart: A Lifeline for Chinese New Yorkers

Before Pearl River Mart became a treasured New York City icon, the store already held a special place in the hearts of countless Asian immigrants: those shopping for beloved, hard-to- find goods from home, and—as highlighted in The New York Times —many looking for reliable work and a career path in a new country. An excerpt from the article:

“From the soy sauce and Chinese underwear that were lifelines for homesick Chinese immigrants to the slippers and qipao dresses that became staples for New York fashionistas, Pearl River Mart tells a lesser- known tale that is more than the sum of its dry goods. Run with a strong, nurturing hand, Pearl River has provided a life for its immigrant workers for four decades.”

The article goes on to recount the experiences of some longtime employees who found their professional niche at Pearl River, and the Chen family’s own path to the helm of the store as a hub of Asian imports and community-minded enterprise.

Read the full article about Pearl River Mart’s role in New York’s immigrant community.

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