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Pearl River Mart Foods is our fourth location and second in Chelsea Market. Located on the lower level of the iconic food hall, it features an ever-changing collection of classic and new food items from all over Asia and by emerging Asian American chefs and brands. Our featured vendors are:

Mao’s Bao

Mao's Bao sheng jian bao

A veteran of the wildly popular Smorgasburg open-air food market, Mao's Bao brings its unique blend of adventurous and classic tastes of sheng jian baos and soup dumplings with innovative flavors including the Impossibao, takoyaki bao, and pizza bao. See their menu.

Kimbap Lab

Kimbap Lab rolls

Kimbap Lab offers a contemporary take on kimbap, seasoned rice rolled in dried seaweed and filled with all kinds of delicious Korean marinated proteins and vegetables. It started at Whole Foods in Williamsburg, Brooklyn as a healthy, gluten-free fast casual concept bringing a modern take on Korean flavors. See their menu.

Tea and Milk 

Tea and Milk boba tea

Tea and Milk is an Astoria-based bubble tea shop that uses high quality local and worldwide ingredients to brew each cup of tea. Constructing their teas is about brewing unique flavors, redefining from traditional taste and finding texture within the ingredients. Tea and Milk’s mission is to nurture every community they’re in by providing love, happiness, and knowledge one cup at a time. See their menu.

Little Eats 小吃

This substantial snack bar features a rotating variety of Asian treats. Popular among Chinese communities throughout the world, little eats or xiao chi are hearty snacks that can be eaten as nibbles between meals or as meals themselves. Check out the current featured vendor.

Specialty Items

We’re also pleased to carry specialty grocery items from local businesses, including:

  • Vanessa’s frozen dumplings
  • 46 Mott’s zongzi, pork buns, radish and taro cakes, and more
  • Philippine Bread House’s baked goods
  • Po Wing Hong’s dried mushrooms, seafood, and other wellness ingredients
  • Fong On’s fresh soy milk and herbal tea
  • Nomz Wholesome Asian Soups
  • Noona's ice cream
  • Asian Veggies' fresh vegetables
  • Chili oils and sauces from 50Hertz, 886, Auria's Malaysian Kitchen, CY Eats, Fly by Jing, Junzi Kitchen, the Mala Project, Nowon, Mr. Bing, and more

Find out more about our specialty vendors. And keep a lookout for even more products

You can also check out our hours and press, follow us on Instagram, and if you’re in the NYC area, order Pearl River Mart Foods grocery items on Mercato and the Uber Grocery app.

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