White Buddha figurine surrounded by various other Buddha figurines

Buddhist Statues

Laughing Buddha

Also known as Budai, the Laughing Buddha represents contentment and abundance. A monk known as the "Buddha of Wealth," he’s believed to bring prosperity to a home or business. Learn even more about the Laughing Buddha.

Guatama Buddha 

Generally used to develop serenity zones in one's abode, as the statue has a calming effect and helps in meditation. He was the founder of Buddhism and is revered by Buddhists as a fully enlightened being who taught the path to Nirvana and freedom from ignorance, craving, rebirth, and suffering.


Known as the "Mother of Liberation," Tara represents the virtues of success in work and achievements. The goddess of protection and compassion, Tara is the female Buddha in Vajrayana Buddhism and is worshiped by Tibetan, Mongolian, and Nepali Buddhists.

Guan Yin

The embodiment of compassionate and loving kindness. All-seeing and all-hearing, she is characterized by her great benevolence and offers protection to those who are suffering. She is also known as the "Goddess of Mercy." Learn even more about Guan Yin.

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