Cultural Wall Signage

See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil

The idea of three figures covering their eyes, ears, and mouth comes from the "three wise monkeys" motif of the Muromachi period (1336 to 1573) in Japan.

The philosophy behind the three wise monkeys probably came from Buddhist teachings. The teachings claimed that not seeing, hearing, or speaking evil would spare one from evil.

So why monkeys? The imagery is a play on words. The original Japanese proverb is "Mizaru, kikazaru, iwazaru" or “See not, hear not, speak not.” The zaru part of the words is also a modified form of the word for monkey, saru. As a result, monkeys were included in the depictions of the teachers, appearing in monuments, scrolls, figurines, and more.
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Chinese Cork Carving

Chinese cork carving, or ruanmu hua (软木画), began in the early 20th century in the city of Fuzhou in Fujian province, China. The story says local woodcarvers were inspired by a European Christmas card brought back by a government official. The card was carved into cork, which gave the artisans their own ideas for creating traditional landscapes in the same material.

While popular in the 1970s and '80s, cork carving fell out of public interest by the '90s. Many cork-carving masters retired, leaving only about 50 artists who still follow traditional techniques.

However, in November 2021, Fuzhou's government enacted regulations to protect those techniques. In addition, they designated certain city blocks for the sale of cork carvings; set up displays in the city museum, cultural heritage exhibition hall, and other public spaces; and allocated annual funds for training, innovation, promotion, and more.

Along with soft stone carving and lacquer work, cork carving is considered one of the three art treasures of Fuzhou.

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Healing Stones

People have long associated precious stones with special powers, such as healing, happiness, inspiration, wealth, and love. That’s why stones in feng shui are often used to attract specific energy.

Displaying or wearing the right stone is thought to act as a protective talisman, and to deflect negative energy. Stones often have several different healing properties. and may be used in more than one sector.


Considered a grounding stone. When used during meditation it may enhance spiritual awareness and stimulate psychic abilities. Along with that awareness comes self-truth and the building of self-esteem and confidence.


Often referred to as the "Hope Stone," the Amazonite is said to release negative energy and restore the hope and joy that may be missing from one's life. It encourages communication and helps individuals speak their truth and follow through with positive actions. A great stone for visualization and manifestation.


Believed to be a powerful stone that can provide healing for the spiritual and emotional body. Its positive energy removes negative energy to potentially provide for better overall health. Keep it in the bedroom to induce more restful sleep.


An energy-amplifying stone that may aid in manifestation. Often considered a good luck stone as it may help attract prosperity and good fortune. Believed to enhance creativity and strengthen leadership skills. Often used as a mood booster that can contribute to better vitality and happiness.

Blue Kyanite 

Believed to ease many physical ailments as well as to help achieve better mental awareness and improved emotional state. Those who use it say it calms nerves and helps to improve communication and compassion.


Considered a powerful healing stone that works on all the chakras to balance the mind, body, and spirit. It removes negative energy and allows positive energy to flow through. It may help with the emotional healing of grief and despair, and is often used during meditation to restore feelings of hope and enthusiasm.


Believed to provide powerful healing energy to help manifest abundance and wealth. It brings happiness and joy to many users and provides a positive energy force to relieve fear, negativity, and anxiety. It purportedly also offers clarity of thought and improves mental translucence.

Clear Quartz

Helps unlock psychic abilities, increase focus, and release lost memories. Physically, it's believed to energize the immune system and metabolism, which may be useful for those looking to get back in shape.

Emerald Quartz

Believed to detoxify the body from the negative effects caused by stress and mental exhaustion. Believed to help encourage positive energy to flow through the body and restore vitality and drive. May be used to bring a sense of balance and contentment to meet the challenges of daily life.


Believed to stimulate thought and enhance mental clarity. An excellent stone for removing negative energy. May help alleviate stress and confusion and thus provide a more powerful healing action of the mind, body, and spirit.


Thought by some to improve the strength of will. Wearing this stone may help one overcome bad habits or negative thoughts while simultaneously increasing self-confidence and courage. The mineral is also associated with calm and balance. Keeping hematite in your home is believed to have a relaxing effect.


Believed to have magical powers that can be used to influence positive changes in one's life. Has a high level of energy that many say works very quickly.

Lapis Lazuli 

A powerful vibrating stone used for greater enlightenment and spiritual wisdom. Believed to intensify the connection with the spirit realm, aiding the user in the development of their psychic abilities. Often used to remove negative thoughts and anger, encouraging harmony and balance for greater happiness and well-being.


Considered a protection stone that shields against negativity with truth-enhancing properties. Said to bring clarity to the mind, drawing out mental stress and tension that sometimes leads to confusion. Carry it with you to help ward off negative forces or keep the stone in your home, office, or anyplace you need protective energy.


Considered an emotional healing stone, onyx is often used to aid the grieving process and alleviate stress. This stone is associated with strength and stamina as well as the building of self-confidence and self-control.

Petrified Wood 

Often used for meditation to uncover and release negative energy from the past. Believed to help boost psychic abilities, enhance transformation and spiritual growth, improve patience, and open the mind to deeper understanding.


Considered a protection stone that shields its user from the harmful effects of negative energy on the mind, body, and spirit. It may enhance mental capacity and provide emotional healing for the believer. It can be used often during meditation to nourish the body with positive energy that encourages well-being.

Red Jasper 

Considered a grounding stone that provides the user with a sense of balance and stability. It works to enhance creativity while providing the will-power to get things accomplished. The aim is to afford the user greater insight so that they may see past current challenges and create solutions that will better serve their higher purpose.


A peaceful stone that helps believers feel more compassionate and forgiving, encouraging harmony in troubled relationships. It has a calming nature that may help with emotional healing. Carry a piece close to the body so your emotions may be more controlled and your reactions more mindful.

Rose Quartz 

Often referred to as the "Love Stone" because of strong vibrations of love, joy, acceptance, and emotional healing. It is very helpful to believers when used in the home to heal relationships and bring unity.


Said to have high-vibration properties that attract light, calm, and clarity, shifting stagnant and negative energies. Associated with spirituality, selenite can be used to cleanse other crystals.


May help in the development of psychic abilities. It works on the throat chakra to aid in communication, especially in areas of public speaking. Along the way, it may help stimulate creativity and encourage cognitive thinking skills.

Tiger's Eye 

Long associated with vitality, tiger's eye is said to boost energy and increase bravery, thus helping combat lethargy and fear. This crystal is also thought to help balance emotions, create positive energy, and clear root chakras while enhancing sacral and solar plexus chakras.

Xiuyan Jade 

Believed to heal the mind and body, promoting calmness and a sense of balance and clarity. This stone is linked to regeneration, harmonizing hormones; helps connect to mother earth; and clear blocked energy, allowing the body’s energy flow to be restored and help you find inner peace.

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Crystal Balls

Crystal balls invite warmth and a special type of positive energy to help overcome challenges. They also have the ability to clear any negative energy that may be holding you back.

Place the crystal sphere in rooms where fights and arguments occur. Doing so is believed to create harmony, calm nerves, prevent violent outbreaks, and tighten bonds between members of the household.

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Traditionally used as talismans to protect sleeping people, especially children and babies, from nightmares. Believed to have originated with the Ojibwe tribe of Native Americans, the tradition spread as various groups of tribes came together in the 1960s and 1970s.

A belief is that dreams, both good and bad, circulate in the air at night. Dreamcatchers are used to trap the good dreams and slide them down gently through the fluffy feathers to the sleeper below. Bad dreams, on the other hand, are caught in its protective net and disposed of at dawn.

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Japanese zen garden with manicured gravel, stones, and cherry blossom tree

Zen Gardens

Japanese zen gardens are abstractions of scenes found in nature rather than replicas of actual natural places. They were originally dry landscapes created in temple courtyards to facilitate meditation. Rather than stimulating the senses, the goal is to promote stillness. Buddhist monks believed they could achieve mental emptiness and inner peace more readily in a minimalist garden that only contained simple forms.

While meditation can involve sitting, standing, or walking, maintaining a zen garden by raking gravel, pruning plants, and weeding is also a form of meditation.

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Elephant and Buddha tabletop fountains


Fountains are believed to help create a peaceful and harmonious environment. The soothing sound may help relieve stress and tension. 

Symbolically, water is connected to wisdom, insight, and intuition. The flowing of water represents social connections and how we interact with the world around us. Because of this, you may want to add more water to your space if you’d like to invite wisdom and depth or expand your social network.

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Small money trees in pots

Money Trees

First popularized as a houseplant in Taiwan during the 1980s, money trees are prominent among those who practice feng shui and are believed to create positive “chi,” or energy, in the home.

The braided trunk is said to trap fortune within its folds. The five leaves typically found on a stalk are said to represent the five elements of balance: earth, fire, water, wind, and metal. Finding a stalk with seven leaves is incredibly rare and believed to bring immense luck to the owner.

The money tree is also highly rated as an air purifier for your home. A famous NASA study of indoor plants on air quality lists Pachira aquatica as one of the most effective filters of harmful pollutants.

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Three bowls with lucky bamboo

Lucky Bamboo

popular plant used for feng shui because of its connection with Asia, as well as its beauty, simplicity, and symbolism.

Interestingly enough, lucky bamboo is actually not bamboo at all but a type of dracaena. Real bamboo is not meant to be cultivated as an indoor plant. However, because lucky bamboo is smaller, it can be used indoors. In addition, it bears a striking resemblance to real bamboo and so can be used interchangeably and shares the same meanings and symbolism in feng shui.

Lucky bamboo is strong, grows very quickly, and also bounces back quickly. It represents upright growth, nobility, and flexibility while its hollow stem symbolizes an open, humble heart.

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Pink lotus flower lamps on store shelf

Lotus Flowers

Lotus flowers represent peace, purity, and enlightenment. Regarded as auspicious by many feng shui masters, the lotus is said to turn bad luck to good and to heighten one's sense of joy and peace.

In Buddhism, the lotus is associated with spiritual awakening and faithfulness. The flower is considered pure due to its ability to emerge from murky waters in the morning and be perfectly clean. It also symbolizes purity of speech, the body, and the mind.

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An abacus beside a box


A symbol of prosperity and quick-thinking money-making strategies. The abacus is believed to help increase the income of entrepreneurs, store owners, and fiscal planners, ensuring that no amount of money goes uncounted. It is also said to benefit the careers of those involved with the stock market, banks, and trading industries.
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Three Lucky Immortals

Fuk Luk Sau or Fu Lu Shou meaning “Three Lucky Immortals” are a popular symbol to display in homes or offices.

These three deities represent the most essential aspirations on which humankind depends  wealth, happiness, and longevity — as well as inner harmony. 

It's believed that if you prominently place the Fuk Luk Sau in a main room of your home, such as the living or dining room, they will bring unity to your family and endless good fortune to the residents of the house.

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