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What’s Your Sign? The Chinese Zodiac Guide to Love

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, you might be thinking about finding your best match! Let the Chinese zodiac be your guide.

How it works

Some believe certain signs on the Chinese zodiac match up better and worse than others. You can find your best match by counting five from your sign (which is number one), clockwise or counterclockwise.

It’s said that your worst match is directly opposite from your sign. So in the case of the rat, that would be the horse. However, if the older sign yields to the younger, or if the bigger animal yields to the smaller (the ox to the rabbit for example), the match might work.

Now let’s take a look at each sign, and its best and worst matches.

The Rat

Rats are quick-witted and resourceful, but can be opportunistic (remember how the rat won first place on the zodiac?). Their best matches are oxen, rabbits, and dragons. Their worst are roosters and horses while it might have a passionate yet volatile relationship with the calm but insecure goat.

The Ox

Oxen are diligent and dependable but can be reticent to a fault. They’re most compatible with rats, monkeys, and roosters. They’re least compatible with tigers, horses, and goats, while, as we noted earlier, they might be best frienemies with pigs.

The Tiger

Tigers make great leaders but can be moody and judgmental. Dragons, horses, and pigs are dream matches. But matches with oxen, snakes, monkeys, and other tigers are more like nightmares.

The Rabbit

Gentle and alert, rabbits can also be stubborn. But that doesn’t stop them from having several good matches, namely with rats, goats, monkeys, dogs, and pigs. Bad matches include snakes and roosters.

The Dragon

The most powerful sign on the Chinese zodiac. Charismatic, intelligent, and ambitious, dragons are natural-born leaders. But they can also be egotistical and not open to criticism.

The authoritative tiger and dynamic dragon might make the ultimate power couple. The secretive snake might give wise counsel while the cunning rat could charm its way into the dragon’s good graces. As for mismatches, dragons will want to stay away from oxen, goats, and dogs.

The Snake

The wise snake has good intuition and is good with money, but can also be insecure and jealous. Their best matches are dragons and roosters while their worst are tigers, rabbits, goats, pigs, and other snakes.

The Horse

The horse is energetic and sharp witted but can also be impatient and self-centered. They match best with tigers and goats. Those they’ll want to avoid are rats, oxen, roosters, and other horses.

The Goat

Goats (or sheep) are creative, kind, mild-mannered, and shy. They care about their appearances and can be high-strung. So it makes sense the gentle rabbit would make a good match as well as the generous pig. The outgoing and clever horse might bring the reserved goat out of his shell.

However, the goat may be overpowered by the powerful dragon, while relationships with the taciturn ox, dog, and snake might be DOA. Finally, a rat relationship could be hot and heavy but fraught with problems.

The Monkey

Fun-loving and mischievous monkeys are quick learners. But they can also be restless and self-centered, and need partners who can stimulate them. Their best bets are persevering oxen and affable rabbits. Other good matches include rats, dragons, goats, and dogs. Their worst are the stubborn and judgmental tiger as well as the pig, perhaps too gullible for the prankster monkey.

The Rooster

The hard-working, observant, and independent rooster is best matched with the steadfast and serious ox; the confident, charismatic, and intelligent dragon; and the wise and enigmatic snake

The rooster’s worst matches are the gentle yet melancholy rabbit, the loyal yet uncommunicative dog, and another independent rooster.

The Dog

While dogs are loyal, they might be temperamental or prone to white lies. Their best match is the rabbit, whose gentleness might keep the dog’s mood swings in check. Other compatible signs are the rat, tiger, monkey, and pig.

Those born in dog years will want to bypass dragons, goats, and roosters.

The Pig

Pigs are compassionate, well-mannered, and generous, although they can be gullible. Their best matches are tigers, rabbits, and goats. Their worst are snakes and monkeys. And if you’re a pig drawn to an ox, watch out: your match might be more love-hate than love.

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