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The Tea Lovers Gift Guide: 8 Brewtastic Ideas

Know someone who can't live without oolong, jasmine, and matcha? Check out these eight ideas for the tea lover in your life. 

Teacups and mugs

Spirited Away tea cup

We have a wide array of ceramic teacups and mugs, sold both individually and in sets. Be sure to also check out our always popular Spirited Away cups and mug.

Tea sets

Ocean blue tea set

You can also go for the whole kit and kaboodle with full tea sets.

Quality tea leaves

Tin canister of pu-erh tea

Help the tea lover brew a perfect cuppa with some high-quality leaves or bags

Tea canisters

Mini washi tea canisters

Now that they have their tea leaves, the tea lover needs somewhere to put them. Tea canisters to the rescue! Available are lovely washi paper designs, sleek silver, and cute daruma. You can also go the ceramic route with different-sized jars

Hot water thermometer

Pee-Pee Boy clay figurines

Making a tasty pot of tea requires water at just the right temperature. But how do you know when it's hot enough? Pee-Pee Boy can help. It's a kind of tea pet, a clay figurine kept as both good luck and a way to measure the temperature of water. Such figurines may date back as far the Tang dynasty (618–906 CE), making them the world's first thermometers.

While tea pets come in various forms, one of the most popular is Pee-Pee Boy. The figure emits long stream out of his, well, pee-pee hole when poured over with water hot enough for tea. Check him out in action!

Matcha-making items

Bamboo whisk for matcha


Making matcha is a whole other ballgame. Give them the tools they need with a bamboo whisk, spoon, and powder

Tea-scented candles

Baisun lychee red tea candles

There's nothing more fragrant than a fresh cup of tea — except for maybe tea-scented candles from Baisun. Not only are the candles soy-based and hand poured, they're created by a small, AAPI-owned business.

Tea Lovers Friendship Box

Tea Lovers Friendship Box

Can't decide on just one thing? Get them a Tea Lovers Friendship Box. It has everything they need: a mug, strainer, a few choices of teas, a small canister, and tea-based snacks. (Please note substitutions may be made depending on availability.)

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