Lucky bamboo display

Plant Lovers Gift Guide: 6 Ideas for Green Thumbs

Those who have a green thumb have a special gift. So why not give them something extra special this holiday season? Here are six plantiful ideas for the gardener in your life.

Animal planters

Hedgehog planters

Can't get to the garden? Bring the garden to you. These cute planters and plant kits are perfect for plant novices and experts alike. They require little maintenance, but can also be transferred to larger pots. A fresh and adorable addition to any workspace.

Mini bonsai kit

Mini bonsai kit

While they may be a fern aficionado, the plant lover may find growing a bonsai a pleasant challenge. This mini bonsai kit, complete with pot, seeds, peat pellet, scissors, and booklet, is a fun way to get started.

Lucky bamboo

Lucky bamboo in small blue on white ceramic jar

A lovely way to gift greenery and good fortune. Strong, fast-growing, and resilient, bamboo represents growth, flexibility, and openness. The number of stalks also has different meanings. Two equal love, three represent happiness, wealth, and long life, and eight symbolize prosperity. (Available in-store only.)

Ceramic flower pot

Blue on white ceramic flower pot

This blue on white ceramic flower pot was featured in Better Homes & Gardens two years in a row, first in July 2019 and again this past April. And no wonder: blue on white ceramic is a classic look that adds a simple yet elegant touch to any garden, patio, or windowsill.

Plant-inspired incense

 Help the plant lover bring the outdoors inside with some plant-inspired incense.

Rose Garden soap

Rose soap

Or if you would rather promise them a rose garden, there's Miguelito's Baguio Rose Garden soap. Made with shea butter and real rose petals, this soap is inspired by the flower festival of Baguio, a mountain town in the Philippines. You can learn more about Miguelito's Filipino soaps in our interview with the founder.

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