Chinese Checkers with Wooden Board and Marbles

SKU: WSS-245857

Did you know Chinese checkers aren't Chinese at all? The game was actually invented in Germany in 1892 under the name "Stern-Halma." Stern means "star" in German (referring to the shape of the board) while halma means "jump" in Greek. Halma is an earlier game Stern-Halma is based on.

In 1928 Bill and Jack Pressman of the Pressman Toy Corporation in Texas changed "Stern-Halma" to "Chinese checkers." At the time in the U.S., there was great interest in fashion, art, and decor from what was then called "the Orient," i.e., China and Japan. The Pressmans capitalized on that interest with a strategic name change.

Whatever you call this classic game, it's great fun. This version includes a wooden board, marbles, and drawers for the marbles. 

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