Soft Solidarity: Lu Zhang

The artist Lu Zhang

Lu Zhang reinterprets traditional Chinese vessels such as an incense holder and oil lamp with contemporary narratives about the hidden desires of women. Her intimate ceramic works celebrate iconic female body parts too: a pair of healing hands taking a pulse, a long black braid on the backside of an anonymous head, a pair of fiery red breasts and a miniature person suspended in an inverted frog yoga pose from the ceiling. Her whimsical sculptures draw viewers in to examine how female identity is expressed and characterized yet also objectified and commodified.

Her works at Chelsea Market

  • Discourse of Love — $1,800 
  • Zhu Que Lamp — $800
  • Green Water — $800
  • Mountain Smokes — $800

Her works at the Pearl River Mart Gallery

  • A Painter — $1,800
  • Inverted Frog — $1,800
  • Fantasian (Flaming Boobs)  — $1,800
  • Ba Mai — $1,280

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