Mrs. Chen's 10 veggie delight in bright blue dish

Hunker: How 5 Home, Food, and Drink Tastemakers Are Celebrating Lunar New Year in 2023

Love this article in Hunker about how five Asian American tastemakers and entrepreneurs are celebrating the Year of the Rabbit. Included are friends Vanessa and Kim Pham, founders of Omsom, and Sandro Roco, founder of Sanzo, as well as our own Joanne Kwong!

Besides staying busy preparing both home and business for the big holiday, Joanne enjoys traditional Lunar New Year foods, especially Mrs. Chen's 10-Veggie Delight.

"Including a cleansing vegetable dish in a feast of rich foods is a must for those with roots in southern China," says Kwong. "It's believed that abstaining from meat consumption on the first day of the new year will enhance longevity and that eating a vegetarian dish will help purify the body. In addition, it honors a Buddhist tradition that nothing living should be killed on the first day of the new year."

Read the whole piece.

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