Arlan Huang with his painting in Chelsea Market

Corridor Glance: Paintings by Arlan Huang (May 1–May 30, 2023)

Presented in partnership with the Asian American Arts Alliance, this exhibition of Arlan Huang’s abstract paintings was inspired by Wong Kar-wai’s classic film, “In the Mood for Love.” Set in 1960s Hong Kong, the film is about romantic longing and fleeting moments, meaningful glances and unheard secrets.

Like the iconic scene in which two almost-lovers cross paths in a narrow passageway under bare lights, Huang's work can be found in Chelsea Market's winding halls. Paintings such as Ember (2019) and Even in the Dark with My Eyes Closed (1990) are steeped in the hot potential of an intimate encounter: whether romance, friendship, or political solidarity. 

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