Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa Honey and Loquat Syrup

A staple in many Chinese households, Pei Pa Koa (which translates from Cantonese Chinese as "loquat syrup") is an herbal remedy used to relieve sore throats, coughs, hoarseness, and loss of voice. It's currently made by Nim Jiom, a medicine manufacturer in Hong Kong.

It's believed the cough syrup was invented by a Qing Dynasty official named Yeung Kan. Legend says he developed the loquat syrup — based on a recipe from a famous physician called Ip Tin-See — for his mother who was suffering from a persistent cough. Eventually he worked to make the syrup available for everyone and named it nin jiom, which means "memory of mother."

The syrup's herbal ingredients are often used in traditional Chinese medicine for clearing phlegm, alleviating coughs, and soothing sore throats.

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