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The Chinatown Collection: A Way to Give Twice

Last August, in the midst of the pandemic, we launched the Chinatown Collection. Initially developed with grassroots initiative Welcome to Chinatown, the purpose of the Collection is to help bring revenue back into the small businesses, organizations, and artists of Manhattan's Chinatown, one of the earliest and hardest hit parts of the city.

At the same time, the Collection celebrates that community, which has been an inspiring source of strength and resilience, with community members coming together to feed elders and others in need, patrol and clean the streets, help mom-and-pop businesses modernize and survive, and document this most extraordinary time for future generations.

The Collection features merch from neighborhood favorites, community organizations, artists and designers, and those who simply have a deep love for Chinatown. All the profits from the Collection go back to Chinatown businesses, and a portion of every sale goes to a nonprofit working hard for the community. So in a way, gifting a piece from the Chinatown Collection is giving twice.

Here are some highlights from the Collection.

Nom Wah

This retro-style T-shirt and sweatshirt were a collaboration with local Chinatown brand CYNONYC. This white "bao" T-shirt was created in celebration of Nom Wah's 100th anniversary in 2020 with a design from legendary graphic artist Milton Glaser (the creator of the iconic I ❤️ NY logo). The bao graphic first appeared in his book, The Underground Gourmet, a guide to affordable eats in the city, including Nom Wah.

Jing Fong 

Established in 1978, this longtime family businesses is one our favorites. While they recently shuttered their beloved Elizabeth Street location, they will be reopening soon on Centre Street (just a four-minute walk from our SoHo location). In the meantime, we satisfy our dim sum cravings at their Upper West Side location.

The Jing Fong tote bag and sweatshirt feature a dim sum "tally card" while their mug depicts a lively weekend dim sum crowd.

Fong On

Established in 1933, Fong On is the oldest family-run tofu shop in NYC, using age-old family recipes passed down by word-of-mouth. After closing its doors in 2017, the small Chinatown business reopened under the helm of Paul Eng, grandson of the original owner. 

Their tote bag and T-shirt feature their signature products, including soy milk, herbal tea, and tofu cakes.

That's just a taste! Be sure to visit the entire collection. If you're in an extra-giving mood, check out 10 nonprofits working hard to give back to the Chinatown and AAPI communities. You can also peruse all of our gift guides.
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