Yellow, blue, and red vases with flowers on display at Pearl River Mart's Chelsea Market store

Our very special spring ceramics collection is here!

Our newest collection of ceramics is extra special. Not only are the pieces from Jingdezhen, China, known as the "Porcelain Capital" due to its millennia-long history of producing pottery, the collection has been long in the making.

Some of you may remember the amazing third floor at our old SoHo location at 477 Broadway. It teemed with a massive ceramics collection, and when we moved, we unfortunately had to downsize. Since then we've been wanting to refresh that collection while also being mindful of space.

Now that we've settled in after reopening (and after multiple moves, closings, reopenings, and a pandemic), we're so pleased to share this collection, our first from Jingdezhen in several years. Our multigenerational buying team had many spirited discussions while choosing these pieces. They had to be culturally significant but also have a modern edge. Unique but also classic. A perfect fit for small NYC apartments and larger homes alike.

The result is a tightly curated collection, which in a way represents the new Pearl River. Traditional and contemporary. Celebrating the past but also moving forward. Multiple generations working together to create something meaningful.

In the collection you'll find:

Vases and jars in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and designs

Apple, begonia, and moon flask, a classic Chinese form with an Islamic influence. Pear and plum. Round and oval. Large and small.

Vivid blue, red, and yellow. Striking black. Classic blue on white. Double happiness especially for weddings. Fish for abundance. The fu or good fortune character for a bit of luck.

Rice bowls galore

Gorgeous colors and patterns like yellow floral, blue and pink blossoms, and white and red lotus. Historical scenes and classic longevity (special characters for long life) in red, yellow, and green.

An array of tea implements

Jars for leaves. Trays for serving. Traditional covered tea bowls called gaiwan or "lidded bowl" for cozy nights. An elegant tea set for ceremonies or if you're just feeling fancy.

Lovely pieces for the home and garden

White umbrella stands in three designs: lotus (for purity of the heart), peony (for riches and honor), and crane (for long life). Blue on white with a dragon, landscape, and floral motif.

Large planters with chrysanthemums, symbolizing happiness and vitality, or mountains, representing proximity to heaven. Pedestals perfect for display or sitting in cheerful yellow with dragonflies, blue on white dragon, and cobalt blue with butterflies.

View this spring collection and all of our ceramics!.

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