Lion dancers on 16th Street in front of Chelsea Market in NYC

Lunar New Year 2021: Very Different But No Less Epic

Our Lunar New Year annual extravaganza was very different this year but no less EPIC! Of course none of it would have happened without an incredible group of friends, partners, and collaborators. Many many thanks and shout-outs to:

  1. Chelsea Market, especially Kevin Hussey and Bunny Laughlin, for always making our crazy ideas happen
  2. Very Fresh Noodlesespecially Chefs Victor Huang and Peter Trondeau who are always down to collab and kick everything up five notches
  3. Our Pearl River Mart Foods family — Mao's Bao, Kimbap Lab, Tea and Milk, and Kitsby — for creating amazing new recipes to excite a sold-out crowd of over 200 guests, despite blowing a few fuses along the way 😰
  4. Our drink vendors Brooklyn Crafted and Lunar Hard Seltzer for their generous drink sponsorship. Major shouts to Kevin Wong and and Sean Ro of Lunar for joining the fun and providing actual table service outside!!!! Their recently launched lychee and plum flavors are 💣💣
  5. Our neighbors Buddakan and Lobster Place for making the celebration an entire 16th Street affair and also for feeding our team and dancers since we were running around like mad serving guests 🙏🙏
  6. Our superhuman event producer Kiki Suhadi of Olivo & Co. who kept us organized and sane
  7. Our own Jeff Van Damme for the gorgeous Lunar New Year event decor in, around, and outside Chelsea Market!
  8. The dream team Kiki, Bunny, Joanne, Angela, Joey, Jade, Caroline, and Lynlia … we got an on-the-fly crash course in food hospitality and made it all happen!
  9. The entire PRM family for keeping the stores running and mail orders flowing non-stop since Black Friday
  10. Our deepest gratitude to the entire Wan Chi Ming Dragon Lion Team, especially 大哥 Warren Wan for bringing the team out of pandemic retirement for this performance

And of course thanks to all you who came out to celebrate with us! We hope you had a festive and delicious time.

Happy new year blessings to all!

[Photo by Luis Ruiz]

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