Lantern display in Empire State Plaze in Albany, NY

Albany Shines a Light on #LightUpChinatown

We were delighted to help New York State celebrate Lunar New Year for the first time in the State Capitol by designing a gorgeous installation!

Spanning a long concourse in the Empire State Plaza, the installation features background and fun facts about how Lunar New Year is celebrated all around the world. Best of all, it honors the work of Light Up Chinatown with strings of the now-signature pink, violet, orange and gold lanterns, and a display of the original lanterns featuring the hand-painted characters of fu (fortune), he (harmony), and ai (love).

We're thankful to Governor Kathy Hochul, Commissioner Jeanette Moy, and Deputy Chief of Staff Linda Sun, as well the New York State Office of General Services events team for this incredible honor. And of course there can never be enough love for the amazing Light Up Chinatown team, including:

  • Core members Patrick Mock, Chung Seto, Jenny Lam Low, Joanne Kwong, Winston Chiu, Think!Chinatown, the New York Chinese Cultural Center, and Send Chinatown Love
  • Artists Sarula Bao, Angela Lai, John Lee, Xinmei Liu, LuLu Meng, Jia Sung, Vanessa Nguyen, and Rose Wong
  • Inscription and weatherproofing captain Prisca Choe and her team of dedicated volunteers
  • All donors large and small

Light Up Chinatown can be seen throughout Manhattan's Chinatown indefinitely and donations are still very welcome via GoFundMe.

[Photo credit: New York State Office of General Services]

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