Two "Good Morning" towels

Good Morning! ūüĆě Classic comfort in a towel

Classic, comforting, and pretty cute.

The Good Morning towel has long been used in countries throughout Asia. From doctors, midwives, and barbers in China to laborers who helped build modern Singapore. A soft and absorbent terrycloth, it's embroidered with "Good Morning" in both English and Chinese.

It's also an item that Pearl River has sold since the store's beginning. Along with Bee & Flower soap, Swan brand undershirts, and Tiger Balm, they've been a source of comfort for many walks of life throughout the years. Immigrants far away from home. Children of immigrants who grew up with the towels. Longtime customers who remember when Pearl River was on upper Broadway, Canal, and even Elizabeth Street.

Check out the towel and other classic Pearl River items of comfort.

[Photo by Harry Trinh]

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