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Four Fun Facts About Beautiful Brocade

Brocade has always been part of Pearl River Mart's fabric (so to speak), whether in slippers, purses, or notebooks. So when we launched our summer fashion collection, it was imperative that we include some brocade pieces, namely these flirty halter tops and these cute minidresses.

That got us wondering where brocade comes from and how long it's been around. To celebrate our collection and this classic woven cloth, here are four fun facts about brocade.

Brocade has been used in China for over 2,000 years

Like many things we love from China, brocade is hella old. The manufacture of the fabric began during the Warring States period, which started around 475 BCE. Legend says the production of silk goes as far back as 3rd millennium BCE. With the invention of looms in the third century BCE, soon followed the creation of brocade.

The earliest known brocade comes from Sichuan province

Dubbed "the mother of brocade in China," Shu brocade is considered the earliest known form. It's named for the ancient name of Sichuan province and originated during the Qin Dynasty (221 to 206 BCE). Learn more about Shu brocade.

Some consider the second oldest brocade to be the most elegant

The next earliest Chinese brocade is Song brocade, named for the Song Dynasty (960 to 1279). This brocade was mainly produced in Suzhou, located in southern Jiangsu province and known as the "City of Silk" since one of its strongest industries was silk production. Some consider Song brocade "the lightest and most elegant genre with simple and traditional colors and patterns."

Another famous brocade is named for clouds

Another famous style of brocade is Yunjin, which translates as "cloud brocade" and is named for cloud-like colors and patterns. Yunjin has been produced since the end of the Song Dynasty, and in contrast to light Song brocade, is thicker and more luxurious. It's also included on the list of a UNESCO's Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

We hope you enjoyed those fun facts about brocade! Be sure to check out all our brocade items as well as our summer fashion collection.
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